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CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA | Hürzeler/Zuhr Master Class 6: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone

Munich, Germany
April 23rd - 25th 2020
Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler, Dr. Otto Zuhr


- Biology and healing of extraction sockets

- Alveolar ridge preservation techniques

- Immediate implant placement

- Delayed implant placement

- Peri-implant soft-tissue deficiencies

Few The use of implants for tooth replacement in the esthetic zone is still an enormous challenge in practice. The clinician must consider a wide range of different concepts and approaches, not to mention the controversy and disagreement in the literature surrounding the overabundance of different macro and micro implant configurations and wide range of different hard and soft-tissue replacement materials for the maintenance and stabilization of peri-implant tissues. In particular, there still is no conclusive answer to the question of which treatment protocol is more predictable: immediate implant placement while preserving as much peri-implant tissue as possible or delayed implant placement with the best possible reconstruction of missing hard and soft-tissue structures. For the clinician, treatment decision-making for each individual patient’s case is often challenging, especially in view of the growing awareness that not only complete quantitative defect reconstruction but also qualitative esthetic results are key to achieving successful treatment outcomes.

This three-day seminar provides in-depth instruction in the essential scientific background information required to have the knowledge base needed to make the right decisions in the individual case for the benefit of your patients. Well-supervised hands-on training and carefully selected live surgeries will help you to effectively practice and internalize the essential clinical steps involved in immediate implant placement with alveolar ridge prophylaxis and in delayed or late implant placement with tissue reconstruction according to the current rules of practice.

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