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"Palatable" Alternatives to Connective Tissue Grafts - National Workshop Series

Sydney - Australia
Tuesday 29th October 2019 - 5:30pm
Hands-on Course
Dr Tino Mercado (Australia)

Soft-tissue grafting procedures are considered an integral part of implant dentistry, with various techniques and materials applied at different time-points. Although autogenous transplants are still widely used - they are associated with major disadvantages, most prominently the associated morbidity. Therefore, more recently, collagen-based soft-tissue substitutes have been developed and demonstrate favourable clinical success and less morbidity.

This workshop will focus on the clinical decision tree and include step-by-step procedures for the collagen-based volume-stable matrix (Geistlich Fibro-Gide®) based on recent clinical and scientific evidence.

Hands-on component – techniques presented:
· Soft-tissue thickening under pontics
· Soft-tissue thickening at implant sites
· Treatment of gingival recession defects

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