How we value strong performances

Geistlich Pharma AG is a state-of-the-art employer with strong traditions and a family culture.

This is reflected in the remuneration and benefits. The remuneration at Geistlich Pharma AG is in line with market conditions and performance-related. This is ensured through regular market comparisons and an internal performance management system.

The list of benefits covers monetary and non-monetary benefits for all employees.



Employees at Geistlich Pharma AG qualify for 25-30 days holiday per year. Managers can in addition receive up to a maximum of 5 management compensation days as well as 4-6 days off as bridging days across public holidays. Non-management employees can use their overtime hours for bridging days or, by arrangement with their superiors, receive them as days in lieu.

Flexible working hours

Our working time model envisages a full-time workload of 41.25 hours per week. The time at work is established by means of time recording. The organisation of the working hours is the responsibility of the individual and is flexible, by arrangement with his or her superiors. Allowing for the workload and core periods, employees are free to choose their daily working times.

Staff welfare

All employees are insured in our own staff benefit fund, which offers independence and security. The whole salary (basic salary and bonus) is covered. Employees with a higher income are additionally covered in a management insurance.

Insurance schemes

Employees have the option of joining a collective insurance scheme. On inability to work following illness or an accident the continued payment of wages extends for a maximum of 730 days. Geistlich Pharma AG will pay 100% of salary after the probation period. All employees are insured against occupational accidents with SUVA, the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund. Employees whose weekly working time amounts to at least eight hours are also insured with SUVA against non-occupational accidents.