Welcome to Geistlich Pharma

Geistlich Pharma is a Swiss family enterprise with over 160 years of history and tradition. Besides its headquarters in Switzerland, Geistlich Pharma has ten subsidiaries worldwide and an international distributor network.
Employees of almost all nationalities work for us. With their competence and experience, they develop scientifically sound products of the high quality and offer our customers outstanding service.


Questions to Mrs. Ursula Drews, Head Corporate Human Resources:


Mrs. Drews, with which keywords would you describe Geistlich Pharma AG?

For me the company embodies family spirit, strong employee orientation, scientific professionalism and international success.

Can you explain these buzzwords in a little more detail?

The workforce is a company's most important resource. The employees are in focus and are fostered accordingly, but they are also challenged. This employee orientation is significantly shaped by the Geistlich family, which has guided the company with scientific farsightedness and has also safeguarded the long-term vision internationally.

What makes Geistlich Pharma AG attractive for employees?

As a traditional family company, we also expect long-term commitment from our employees. We therefore create an ideal environment for their professional progress.
Aside from the attributes of family spirit, strong employee orientation, scientific professionalism and international success as mentioned, for various reasons it is also attractive to work for a medium-sized family company. As an international company, employees have a wide range of possibilities for actively shaping their working environment. They profit from the unique interplay between tradition, innovation and pioneering spirit. This culture is supported by our management.

And what characterises good employees for you?

Good employees have a balanced mixture of technical and social competence, as well as strong identification with our core values (trust, pioneering, networked, family, regeneration experts, scientific). This particularly relates to the cooperation within and between teams, in which trust plays a key role. It is expressed by the readiness to develop both technically as well as personally, to face new challenges, to deliver top solution-oriented performance - and all this with passion and fun at work. These qualities hold true regardless of position and have a great deal to do with personal attitude and view to work.
The well-being of employees is crucial for us. We expect all managers to act towards their colleagues in an open, fair and respectful way. For this reason, we only promote those who live out this basic view on a daily basis.