The excellent cutting performance, due to Micross exclusive micro-blade, allows an easy autologous collection even in narrow and hard to reach areas, near to the bone defect. The manual harvesting technique warrants the best preservation of cell vitality of the cortical tissue, a fundamental characteristic that allows the best graft integration and reduces reabsorption activity.

By using Micross the bone tissue is directly collected in the chamber inside the cannula and it gets an excellent biological plasticity, because of the presence of coagulated blood The volumizing effect, due to the curly morphology of the collection, reduces the quantity of bone needed to fill the defect and as a consequence it minimizes invasiveness for the Patient.

Product Information

  • Product No. 4049
  • 1 Sterile disposable scraper per package
  • 160˚ Cutting blade
  • Collection chamber capacity: 0.25 cc
  • External diameter: 5 mm

Minimally Invasive with Maximum Access

  • Exclusive micro-blade allows easy bone collection
  • Designed to perform a minimally invasive tunneling surgical technique
  • Effective on any bone surface (plane, concave, convex)
  • Bone shavings contain well-preserved bone cells, particularly osteocytes, osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteoprogenitor cells1,2

Micross Provides Versatility and Ease of Use for Bone Collection in Narrow and Difficult to Reach Areas