Gain of keratinised tissue

Gain of keratinised tissue around teeth

Aim: Gain of keratinised tissue in the anterior-inferior region.

Conclusion: In some cases the absence of attached gingiva is related to discomfort during brushing, persistent gingival inflammation and muscle pulling. In this case, Geistlich Mucograft® was used with the aim of gaining keratinised tissue in the buccal aspect of two lower central incisors, avoiding the harvesting of a free gingival graft from the palate. The final outcome, 6 months after surgery, shows a nice band of keratinised tissue with good colour and texture match. The result of the procedure met the patient’s expectations as brushing can now be properly executed without any discomfort. No attempt was performed to cover the exposed roots at this stage; however, the current clinical situation is now favourable, if a second surgery for root coverage is desired.