Maintenance of Keratinised Tissue

Dr. Hadi Antoun
Paris, France


Socket seal of posterior alveole in late implant placement

Aim: Conservation of hard and soft-tissue volume after teeth extraction for late implant placement without sinus floor augmentation.

Conclusion: Extraction with late implant placement is an extremely reliable procedure, which has been proven repeatedly in the international literature. The alveolar socket seal technique used in this clinical case, however, is relatively new. The time intervals between the healing of the alveolar socket and implant placement are the same as for the „tissue punch“ technique. The technique of this clinical case has the following advantages: ridge volume preservation, lack of a second operation site, less surgical time, simplification of the procedure, soft-tissue volume preservation due to a socket sealing with Geistlich Mucograft®, and finally a sinus lift procedure is spared thanks to the hard-tissue preservation with Geistlich Bio-Oss®.