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Yxoss CBR®

User Benefits

Thanks to a synergistic collaboration, Geistlich as the experts in regeneration is the exclusive marketing partner for the ground-breaking product Yxoss CBR® - a customised 3-D printed titanium scaffold developed to regenerate complex alveolar bone defects that can be combined with our best in class biomaterials Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide®.

Yxoss CBR® and Geistlich Biomaterials

Yxoss CBR® - The first customised 3-D printed bone regeneration solution for complex bone defects

ReOss® uses the most up-to-date CAD/CAM technology available to satisfy patient-specific requirements regarding a planned bone augmentation. In a patented process, a contoured, form-stable scaffold is 3-D printed of the purest titanium based on CT- or CBCT-images, allowing customised bone regeneration (CBR®). Yxoss CBR® has the clear potential to revolutionise oral bone augmentation by customising the commonly used “titanium mesh”, using a digital workflow to fit the individual anatomy of each patient.”

Have you ever customised the regenerative procedure together with a surgery guide for the correct prosthetic implant positioning? Now, this is possible with Yxoss CBR® Backward.

ReOss® offers the option of integrated implant positioning in the surgical planning. By ordering 3-D designs for Yxoss CBR® you can also order the prosthetic positioning for using the Yxoss CBR® scaffold as a surgical guide for implant placement.

You will receive the digital proposal for the digital 3-D design with the opening already integrated in the Yxoss CBR® scaffold for future positioning of the implant pilot drill. After sending your design approval to ReOss, you will receive Yxoss CBR® Backward scaffold for sterilization and implantation.

During simultaneous approach or at the time of reopening, Yxoss CBR® Backward with its pre-existing openings, can serve as your surgical guide for the positioning of the implant pilot drill. Further implant insertions steps can be performed after the removal of the scaffold.

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Innovative solution for regenerating complex alveolar bone defects by taking advantage of CBCT data combined with 3-D printing technology

Each titanium scaffold is custom-made for a precision fit that accurately reflects the specific patient data provided. Time-consuming impressions, cutting, shaping and adapting are no longer necessary and sharp edges from cutting conventional meshes are entirely eliminated.