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stoma® Dental Instruments

stoma® - Storz am Mark GmbH are a traditional manufacturer of precise dental instruments made with passion for perfection. Today, the solution-oriented and high-quality stoma® products enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence in the dental industry, manufactured by a leading family business.

Geistlich Pharma Australia and New Zealand is proud to partner with a globally respected manufacturer of surgical instruments that prioritises strict manufacturing processes and rigorous testing ensure that all their products exceed expectations and meet established regulatory requirements.

The available range of stoma dental instruments in Australia and New Zealand includes specialised kits and individual instruments that you may browse below.

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Micro-screw system by stoma®

The versatile bone fixation

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For over a decade, the stoma® micro-screw has been used successfully and reliably by a multitude of clinicians including specialised users and beginners who appreciate the simple and safe handling.

The stoma® micro-screw kit was developed with Prof. Dr. F. Khoury. After that, stoma® patented the stoma® micro-screw and has been producing it ever since 2009 when the range was internationally registerred and successfully introduced to the market. 

The stoma® micro-screw made the now globally practiced bone shell technique possible. It proves to be particularly beneficial for small and thin cortical bone graft transplants, also called shells. In addition, these screws can be used in very narrow spaces such as single tooth defects, where space restraints make the use of traditional bone fixation screws impossible.

The stoma® micro-screw is thus used in various augmentation techniques, such as lateral and horizontal bone augmentation, as well as 3D bone augmentation via tunnel technique. It is ideal for those who work in the area of bone management and those wanting to further specialise in it.

The advantages of the stoma® micro-screw:

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