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Medipac Monofast (PGCL)

Absorbable Sutures

Medipac Monofast (copolymer of polyglycolic acid-co-polycaprolactone (PGCL) sutures are designed to ensure optimal wound closure outcomes. These sutures are made from a high-quality synthetic absorbable material and are revered for their exceptional characteristics.  These sutures are available in a comprehensive range to cater to diverse surgical demands.

Product Range

The available range of Medipac Monofast sutures in Australia and New Zealand includes monofilament, violet, absorbable 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0 single needle sutures with a 3/8 circle reverse cutting needle and a thread length of 45cm ensuring versatility and compatibility with different tissues and surgical techniques.

PRODUCT CODE THREAD SIZE (USP) NEEDLE SIZE (mm) THREAD LENGTH (cm) PACK SIZE MED-18612 4/0 12 45 24 MED-18622 4/0 16 45 24 MED-18632 4/0 19 45 24 MED-18611 5/0 12 45 24 MED-18621 5/0 16 45 24 MED-18631 5/0 19 45 24 MED-18610 6/0 12 45 24

Medipac Monofast PGCL sutures offer numerous advantages. Their superior tensile strength provides robust wound support during the initial critical healing phases. The absorbable nature of the sutures eliminates the need for suture removal, minimising patient discomfort and secondary interventions. They are also coated to enhance smooth tissue passage, reducing tissue trauma during suturing and promoting enhanced healing.

The sutures' rapid absorption profile aligns with tissue healing timelines, reducing the risk of suture-related complications in the long term. Medipac Monofast PGCL sutures not only ensure secure wound closure but also contribute to a streamlined and patient-friendly recovery process.

Advantages of Medipac Monofast sutures

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